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CONNECT-HF is a nationwide clinical trial for people who are leaving the hospital after receiving treatment for heart failure. The trial will include 8000 people at 160 hospitals across the United States. The goal is to evaluate different ways of improving the overall quality of care available to people with heart failure, and to help them gain the greatest benefit from the treatments and health advice they receive.

An estimated 5.7 million adults in the United States have heart failure. These patients face limitations in their everyday lives. Yet, many of patients’ symptoms can be managed with the right medications, treatment plan, and prevention measures. Because many patients with heart failure can see great improvement in their health through an effective care plan, the researchers working on CONNECT-HF want to learn more about improving the quality of care related to heart failure.

Trials and News updates

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  • Staying active in summertime heat Staying active in summertime heatSummertime can be a great time to find new activities to add to your exercise routine. However, higher temperatures can ...
  • Meet a Cardi-Yack: Fredonia Meet a Cardi-Yack: FredoniaUsing her own personal experiences, Fredonia Williams hopes to make a difference in the CONNECT-HF study and in the lives ...

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Staying Active With Heart Failure

Patients with heart failure can often see improvement with certain lifestyle changes, such as changing their diet, quitting smoking, and getting regular exercise. See our healthy living tips and ideas.




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