Celebrate World Heart Day With Heart-Healthy Activities

Did you know that September 29 is World Heart Day? That’s right – a whole day dedicated to heart health awareness!

In honor of World Heart Day, the World Heart Foundation is reminding people that small changes can make a big difference when it comes to heart health. They’re also encouraging people around the world to share how they keep their heart healthy, and to help inspire others to become heart healthy.

As you may already know, the CONNECT-HF team is all for heart health, which is why we want our study team, participants, and others to celebrate World Heart Day! Whether you simply want to brush up on your heart health, try a new heart-healthy recipe, or get out to exercise, there are many ways to celebrate World Heart Day. To help you get started, here are a few ways to celebrate:

3 Ways to Celebrate World Heart Day

      1. Brush up on your heart health knowledge

Want to learn more about living with heart failure? Take a look through our heart failure infographic. Or, if you want to test your knowledge about heart health, head over to the World Heart Day website to take a heart IQ test. There, you will also find more information, tips, and videos about heart health.

      2. Get out and exercise

Few things say heart health like a good exercise session! Whether you take a long walk around your neighborhood, play a sport with friends, or do some light housework or gardening, it all counts as exercise. If you need a few ideas for ways to spice up your exercise routine, take a look at our exercising with heart failure tips. Remember, you should always talk to your doctor about how active you should be.

      3. Create a new heart healthy recipe

Deciding what to eat can be difficult. When it comes to your diet, it can be easy to get into a routine that begins to feel boring. Why don’t you challenge yourself to create a new recipe using heart healthy ingredients? Not only will you have a fun challenge, but you will also come out with a new recipe to add to your routine! Take a look at the American Heart Association Guidelines for a healthy diet to get good ideas for ingredients.

And of course you can always come up with your own heart health celebration. Whatever you do, have fun and celebrate heart health on September 29!