Participant Responsibilities

CONNECT-HF participants will take part in the trial for one year. Participants will be expected to use their mobile device to learn more about heart failure, and to use ideas and tips for how to take care of themselves once they have left the hospital. Participants in different hospitals may have different resources, to help researchers understand which resources work best.

Participants will have about four phone calls with the research team during their time in the trial, at or near the following times:


  • 6 WEEKS after leaving the hospital
  • 3 MONTHS after leaving the hospital
  • 6 MONTHS after leaving the hospital
  • 12 MONTHS after leaving the hospital

These phone calls will help CONNECT-HF researchers understand how participants are doing after they have left the hospital. Participants will answer questions about their health, their medicine use, and whether or not they have been admitted to the hospital again.

Will participants be required to take a medication as part of this study?

The CONNECT-HF trial is not testing a new medication or procedure. This means that people taking part in the trial will not have to take a certain medication. The medications and medical advice that participants receive will not be affected by taking part in the CONNECT-HF trial. Patients will continue their usual clinical care with their doctor.

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Still have questions?

For more information, or to answer any questions you may have about the trial, visit our FAQs page.